Amany El Gharib

31 år, Göteborg/Gaza/Norge

31 år, Göteborg/Gaza/Norge


Amany El Gharib sökte asyl i Sverige september 2013. 6:e november beslutade migrationsverket att hon skulle förflyttas till Norge med anledning av Dublinkonventionen. Hon är ny asylsökande i Norge men har fått sitt fall accepterat och väntar nu på att inleda sin ID-process i Norge. Nedan följer en presentation av Amany med hennes egna ord:

Im’a women’s rights activist from Gaza – Palestine. I’m a postgraduate student in Al Azhar university in Palestine where I’m doing a thesis about ‘”Arabic Women’s Political Participation in Arab Spring Revolution in Egypt and Yemen and its impact on the Palestinian women’s Political Participation.” I have finished a postgraduate diploma at the Gender Equality Studies as well. My final assignment focused on ”Palestinian Women’s Political Participation in Peace Building and Conflicts Resolution.”  

In Gaza I worked as coordinator for the ”Regional Convention on Sexual and Reproductive Rights and Health of the Palestinian, Jordanian and Lebanese women in a vulnerable situation” program. The program focused on reproductive and sexual health and rights, as well as combating gender based violence and promoting political participation of women. I led a staff of Gynecologists, Nurses, Psychologists, Social workers and Lawyers and their duties include providing counseling and organizing awareness sessions for young women and men in Gaza on the issues mentioned above beside participating in campaigns. In addition, because of my solid background in managing human rights defense, humanitarian support, psycho social support, self assessment and strategic planning projects; I have taken part in several meetings on olicy planning with national and international organizations in Gaza. 

I participated in Anna Lindhs forum 2013 to speak about gender stereotype in Palestine, and in May 2013 I also was one of the 100 young leaders who participated in Women deliver conference in Malaysia, and spent 6 weeks in Norway in the international summer school of Oslo to do some studies about women and peace. I   presented a presentation about Palestinian women and UNRES 1325. I did a lecture in Amnesty International about the Palestinian young women’s political participation in peace and conflicts resolution, I did another one in 17th of December in the Red Cross in the same topic. I also had an interview in the newsletter about Human Rights, struggle and peace during the last Attack on Gaza. I also did an interview in the same topic in a radio program, the 29th of November ”the day of Palestine recognition in UN”. I had a speech in the presence of many parliament members in Iceland about gender perspective in politics ” peace and conflicts in  Palestine” , in Egypt i  participated in seminar regarding the government politics regarding the NGOs in June 2013 , while in Oslo i had a presentation about the Palestinian and the identity politics and women’s political participation in July 2013 . In 24 of October i did speak about Palestinian women’s movement in Stockholm with the Interfem, as well I did many activities in Volgo the activists house in Gothenburg.


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