FiVal: Feminist Initiative unveils Soraya Post as their top candidate for the European Parliament elections

9 februari 2014

On sunday, the 9th of february, the Feminist Initiative election conference decided on lists for European Parliament elections and parliamentary elections. The list for the European election is topped by Soraya Post, 57, Margaret Gärding, 68, and Stina Svensson, 44.

“Feminists challenge the political order by putting human rights at the top of the agenda. We’re the ones standing up for the right to be human. It’s time to create an open Europe with a focus on human rights, equality and social justice”, said Soraya Post, the party’s top candidate for the European Parliament.

Soraya Post has expertise in everything from the European Commission to the county administrative board. She has driven the human rights issue at a high international level in areas such as the EU Parliament and the Council of Europe. Soraya Post is also respected and well-known among the Roma community, both nationally and internationally– most recently in connection with the Skånepolice records of Swedish Roma.

Margaret Gärding is the second candidate on the list. Having worked for the African Union and served as advisor at both EU and parliamentary level, she was also a key figure in the Swedish boycotts against apartheid in the 1990s.

“Racism is a real issue now. We see it spreading in Europe and Sweden. As a former anti-apartheid activist, the fight against racism is the most important thing right now. Feminist Initiative’s policy on racism gives me strength and inspiration to continue this work”, says Margaret Gärding, the party’s second name to Parliament.

Stina Svensson has three years’ experience as a Feminist Initiative spokesperson and has played a pivotal role in making the Feminist Initiative become the EU Parliament’s strongest voice for women and the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community.

“We must raise the level of ambition in the field of democracy and equal rights. More feminist parties are now taking shape in Europe and our long-term goal is to form a feminist party group together”, says Stina Svensson, spokesperson for the Feminist Initiative.

The Feminist Initiative election conference took place last weekend in Stockholm. For two days, around 200 members gathered to determine the lists for the EU and Parliamentary elections and the election platform for the European elections.

Feminist Initiative’s complete election listings are available here.

For more information about Feminist Initiative, please see or call our press office on +46 (0)706 100 191.

Feminist Initiative is a political party with feminism as an ideological base. Our vision is a free society where human rights are respected. We challenge the political order and the established parties with a comprehensive policy against all forms of discrimination.