Small report – big love!

19 september 2006

Vi på webbredaktionen är ju nyfikna av oss (vad tråkigt förresten, att inte kunna heta Valpatrullen längre…). Vad säger Jane Fonda & Co ”over there”?

Gudrun Schyman låter meddela att hon redan har skickat en första hälsning efter valet till Fi:s internationella gäster. Så här skriver hon:
“We did not reach the limit to the parliament but we reached the sky!
I can assure you that even if the number of voters were smaller than we thought (all votes will be counted in the middle of the week. By now we only know the result as something between 1–2 %) we all feel like winners.
We know what a great job we have done, we know the historical resistance, and we know that there is absolutely no return. The days you where with us rose high over all traditional political limits, and everyone felt it. Deep in our hearts and strong in our minds. There is no return, only a growing freedom to act. There will be more elections and the world is waiting.
Small report – big love!

Varpå Jane Fonda svarar så här:
“…You are right, dear Gudrun, this is just the beginning, a first, monumental step. Ours is the most fundamental struggle. The hardest. We are battling thousands of years of patriarchy. I am proud to have been there with you. I will always remember those days. Now get some rest! Love, Jane”

Och Eve Ensler (författaren bakom vagina-monologerna):
“What an utter joy to stand with you all in Stockholm these last days. I was moved, educated, empowered and proud, deeply proud to be in your midst. This campaign is the first in many victories. This is the door opening and with time and more energy we will burst it wide open…”