Det kom ett brev från Tyskland

17 september 2006

Dear sisters,

we, the federal board of the german Feminist Women’s party (Feministische Partei Die Frauen) wish good luck for the upcoming elections on Sunday 17.

We cross the fingers that you will enter the swedish parliament and gain a lot of seats.

In Berlin we participate in the regional elections on the very same day. I hope we can send you good news afterwards. However, we do not expect to jump over the 5 % barrier but 1 % would be great in the beginning due to financial benefits resultilng from votes over this barrier. Please tell us next week how much you got.

Inviting Jane Fonda has been a great idea, respect! It could be read all over the german and austrian newspapers the whole week long. Yesterday night our german puclic tv even showed five minutes(!) including an interview with Jane Fonda and telling that it could be for the first time in the whole world that ever a feminst party would enter a parliament. (They obviously did not know about the islandic women’s party which even was part of the government for quite a long time.)

We would be very pleased to hear from you and would like to intensify the contact. Our idea is to meet you in Sweden or organize an exchange program which includes young girls.

All the best for the historic day tomorrow, sisters.


Monika Christann
one of five federal speakers, the federal board
The german Feminist Women’s party (Feministische Partei Die Frauen)